Livia Cives created these lively illustrations for Kit Magazine.  The article is titled Caregiving 101, and Livia’s loose style brings a bit of levity to a serious topic.  Livia will be contributing illustrations to this ongoing series for the next few issues of the magazine, so we’ll be sharing more of them soon…

Livia Cives – Agenda
Livia Cives – Scales
Livia Cives – Trampolino
View more of Livia’s illustration and motion work

Mariya Paskovsky has been working on new collections for her illustration portfolio, and here is a sneak peek of just some of what she’s been up to.  She created this series by hand with pen and ink and added the color digitally.  Here’s a bit about Mariya’s inspiration for these gorgeous illustrations, in her own words:

“The girls with flowers are the result of beautiful Victorian 19th century flower illustrations that I am collecting. I wanted to created something vintage or “chic and antique” looking inspired by tea cups, dentelle (lace), and English roses.”

Beautiful new illustrations by Mariya Paskovsky

Beautiful new illustrations by Mariya Paskovsky

Mariya Paskovsky – Flower Bride
Mariya Paskovsky – Flower Girl 1
Mariya Paskovsky – Flower Girl 2

Product illustration – fashion

Mariya Paskovsky – Flower Girl 3
Mariya Paskovsky – Rosa Carolina Corymbosa
Mariya Paskovsky – Would you like some tea?


Christophe Lopez-Huici works with a lot of bands to design and illustrate their CD covers, as well as their posters for performances.  While a lot of people are familiar with Christophe’s illustration and claymation, we thought we would share some of his music poster work for a change.  Christophe’s groovy style makes for some super cool posters, and he does all of the hand lettering as well:

Christophe Lopez-Huici – Dirty Water poster
Christophe Lopez-Huici – Pop-a-licious poster
Christophe Lopez-Huici – Go Banazz poster
Christophe Lopez-Huici – Pop-a-licious 2 poster

Poster illustration by Christophe Lopez-Huici

Poster illustration by Christophe Lopez-Huici

Christophe Lopez-Huici – Smog Trash Party poster

Poster illustration by Christophe Lopez-Huici

Poster illustration by Christophe Lopez-Huici

Christophe Lopez-Huici – Smog Trash Party 2 poster

We are pleased to announce that Italian artist, Lucio Schiavon, has joined our group.  Lucio lives in Venice, Italy, and we think his fabulous style fits right in with the JVAA team!  Lucio works in digital and traditional mediums, and his illustrations have also been used animation.  Here is just a small sample of what Lucio can do

Benvenuto, Lucio!

Lucio Schiavon – American Diary
Lucio Schiavon – Empire
lucio schiavon lei woman

lucio schiavon lei woman


Lucio Schiavon
Lucio Schiavon
Lucio Schiavon – Lei
Lucio Schiavon – No Big Ship

We are excited to announce a new artist signing: New York-based Steve Moors.  Steve brings his distinct style to the group, and his unique portraits and conceptual illustrations add another dimension to our diverse roster.  Here is just a glimpse of his ever-growing portfolio.  Welcome aboard, Steve!

Steve Moors – Lady Gaga
Steve Moors – Jack Black

Steve Moors joins the Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency group

Steve Moors – Taylor Swift
Steve Moors – Anderson Cooper
Steve Moors – And the Weak Shall Inherit the Earth
Steve Moors – Examining Reincarnation

The Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency group is coming back to Dallas, and this time it’s for a gallery show featuring the work of 12 of their artists here at TractorBeam Gallery from October 11 until November 9th, 2012.

If you’re in the Dallas area this Thursday, try to make it to the opening which is from 7 to 10pm – there will be drinks, music and of course great art!

Artists showing: Calef Brown, Chris Buzelli, Bob Dob, Charles Glaubitz, Terri Fry Kasuba, Craig LaRotonda, Jen Lobo, Joel Nakamura, Martha Rich, Dave Stevenson, Santiago Uceda, and Marco Wagner

Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency + Tractorbeam – October 11, 2012